April 02, 2016

How Jude Okoye's artiste can get a Psquare collaboration

Dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan is not a
woman lacking for admirers and fans.
Possessing a fiery brand identity and the songs
to match, the singer has steered her career to a
good path. She currently is credited as Nigeria’s
queen of dancehall.
Morgan is signed to Northside Inc. a record
label by Psquare’s ex-manager, Jude Okoye ,
who has recently been the subject of a
campaign by his younger brother Peter Okoye.
That uprising led to his removal from the helm
of Psquare’s business.
Cynthia Morgan, Jude’s artiste was also part of
the messy Psquare affair. The circumstances
surrounding her signing came under scrutiny
after Peter Okoye revealed that a familial
betrayal made him unable to sign her. If things
had played out differently, Cynthia Morgan will
not be in Northside Inc. She would have called
P-Classic Records home.
Peter, in an interview with NET » , explained
how he missed out on the chance to sign the
singer in 2013along with Simi, why they rejected
his contract, and how Jude Okoye betrayed him
in signing Cynthia Morgan.
“When I set up P-Classic records because people
were saying Psquare haven’t helped anyone, I saw
the success of Tiwa Savage and I was close to
signing Cynthia Morgan and Simi. Ask them they’ll
tell you.
I remember Paul came to the studio and said he
heard I’m signing Simi and Cynthia, I said ‘Yes’,
and he was like ‘What will people see Jude as’,
and I gave him example of Drake and Young
Money, Cash money.
“Oscar (Producer of ‘Collabo’ ft. Don Jazzy) called
to tell me that they can’t sign the deal because he
heard it’s causing problem in Psquare. Meanwhile,
Cynthia and Simi were both going through the
contracts I gave them only for them to return
it two days later that they can’t do it.”
Cynthia Morgan later signed with Jude Okoye
two weeks later, and according to Peter, she will
never collaborate with Psquare due to this
“Two weeks after, I was shocked to hear that
Jude had signed Cynthia Morgan, and she knows
deep down that she’s never going to get a
Psquare collabo.”
This interview threw light on why Cynthia
Morgan has never had a song with Psquare.
Although, she is signed to their elder brother,
and in public, enjoys a robust relationship with
them, many had wondered why she has been
unable to snag a collaboration from such a
vantage position. Peter’s anger runs deep, and
many years after, its vehemence is still intact.
Does Cynthia Morgan really needs a Psquare
collaboration? No, but it would be a good boost
to her career. The singer is at a good place
right now in Nigeria. Her songs are widely
accepted, and her brand well known. But growth
is a constant, and Psquare will be a fine name
to add to your discography.
She can get a Psquare collabo. The group is
made up of Peter and Paul, and by extension,
Jude. Morgan has got Jude and Paul on her
side. That’s two-third. All she needs to make it
happen will be to launch a private apology
campaign to Peter. She needs to get into a
room with him and thoroughly apologize. It’s
that simple on paper.