July 11, 2016

Fernando Santos, Portugal coach: "We were as simple as doves and as wise as serpents

Fernando Santos, Portugal coach: "I've always said we’re a team. I never hide my thoughts – I always tell my players what’s on my mind. I've always told them we've got great talent but we
need to fight more than our opponents, run more than them and be more concentrated than them. We have an amazing group. They’ve always believed what I told them: that we could win this."

Fernando Santos, Portugal coach: "Wherever we’ve gone there have always been Portuguese fans. This lifted our souls. It’s hard to describe the players’ emotions – it’s incredible. Our skipper put in an immense effort; he has amazing team spirit. Twice he tried to get back on the pitch but him being there in the dressing room and on the bench was very important for us. He believed – just like myself – that tonight was our night."