July 11, 2016

Pepe: Rescue that We won it for Ronaldo

Pepe: We won it for Ronaldo
Portugal's Pepe said that he side were "warriors" and admited that Cristiano Ronaldo's injury helped spur them on to victory.

Éder, Portugal goalscorer: "We went through a difficult spell after [Cristiano] Ronaldo's injury, because he's the best player in the world and an important player for us. But after that he still gave us all his strength and bravery, and we got this important victory, both for him and all of Portugal."

Éder, Portugal goalscorer: "It was a very special goal, the winning goal. A turn and strike that ended up being unstoppable for [Hugo] Lloris. But it's a goal that was very well created by the team, and by all the effort the team put in both in this match and since the beginning of EURO."