November 18, 2016

MUSIC: Masterkraft Ft. DJ Jimmy Jatt – Salsa

Masterkraft teams up with the
legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt for his
latest collaborative single titled,
Masterkraft will surprise fans and
audiences, who will notice that he
has sung on the track. Already a
leading producer, Masterkraft has
always set out to be innovative with
his music. In his own words, the
star producer states:
“Music for me is about constant re-
invention, most importantly music
should be made to be relevant, no
matter the time or era. “Salsa” is a
song that I wanted to showcase the
fact that I can sing. Many people
will only recognise me as a
producer, yet I have been a singer
from a very age, and had the
opportunity to develop craft as
singer through my church.
I feel that now is the right time to
unveil my voice on the music that I
“SALSA” is the ultimate ‘chill-out’
tune, guaranteed to put any listener
in a good mood, and with no doubt
create their own rendition of the
popular Spanish dance!


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